These descriptions are awful, but they’ll have to do for now. Eventually I’ll add Mogdar and Parenia as well.

We first meet Ezren as the target of an angry mob, a fairly typical reaction to the young magician’s sharp tongue and shifty, secretive nature.

Even among companions who are all hiding something, Seisha is enigmatic. She comes and goes unseen without warning or explanation, knows more than she should, and continually proves to be more dangerous than she appears.

Tellar is a traveling knight from the fortress of Dun Kranin. While he has no patience for intellectuals who bury the truth in piles of words, he is probably the most practical and level-headed of the group.

Shao Tsang
An outsider among outsiders, Shao Tsang credits his mystical abilities to the monks who raised him, despite the fact that none of them are known to possess similar gifts.

Kala and her partner, Tren, patrolled the Sessrolwood until they were diverted in Timber. Kala has become withdrawn and short-tempered, but retains a strong sense of duty.